6:54am – Woke up.

7:10am – Ate breakfast: oatmeal, orange, milk, water.

7:40 – 9am – Read: My “Just For Today” mantra, The One Year Love Language, The Science of Mind, and The Bible.

9am, -Went to the yard and worked out. I ran 2 miles and lifted weights. Then I called my baby. Her sweet soft voice soothed my soul and put me in a fantastic mood.

10am -Went to my cardio class and worked out for about 45 minutes.

11am – Showered.

11:15am – Ate lunch in my cell: Spectacular Brown Rice.

11:30- 3:30pm – Worked in my unit passing out commissary.

3:30-4:45pm – Called my baby again and got a little frisky. I asked her if it would be okay if I make sweet love to her all night long at our EFV. She said yes, and that I don’t even need to ask! Oh my, I got excited.

3:45-4:25pm – Count time. My celly was gone. So I rubbed one out in honor of my sexy wife. I fantasized about our upcoming EFV’s and all the things we’re going to do.

Then I ate a bowl of Rasin Bran with a scoop of peanut butter in it.

Count cleared late. So I took a nap until 5:20pm, then I went back to work and finished passing out all the commissary.

6- 7:30pm – Cleaned my cell, folded laundry, changed my sheets and blankets, signed up for NA, and checked my emails. I had one new email that made me sooo happy! I’ll share it with you: Goal: 100K Blog Followers

7:30pm– Shower time!

7:45pm – Crawled up on my bunk and watched Kobe’s fair well game along with the Warriors making history…73-9!

9pm – Ate for the last time today…another bowl of cereal with peanut butter.

10:30pm – Turned off the TV and read.

Fell asleep around 11:15pm.