Woke up at 7:30am, to a guard yelling, “EVERYONE! CELL IN…NOW!!!”

I jumped from my bunk to see what in the heck is going on. I must have been dreaming of my beautiful wife, Suzie, because the front of my shorts looked like I was engaging in a Polish Dog smuggling operation. ūüėČ

I look out my window and see its a Medical Emergency. Some guy was laying on the floor flopping like a fish. Everybody has to remain in their cell until Medical arrives and wheels him off to the prison hospital.

But man…I gotta pee! And these Medical Emergencies can take up to 20 minutes.

So I grab my porta-potty (plastic coffee jar) and attempt to handle my business. The problem was…how do you pee in an up-side-down jar? As I’m attempting to solve this anatomically¬†challenging dilemma, with my butt pushed out and my feet spread apart, I hear my celly asking, “WHAT ARE YOU DOING?”

His voice startles me. Usually he’s asleep until 10ish. I tell him, “Roll over and go back to sleep, there’s nothing to see here.”

He starts laughing. “Are you peeing?” he asks.

Now I have multiple issues to deal with: a boner, a bulging blatter, a small coffee jar, and my celly laughing at me!

I look over my shoulder and say, “A little privacy please.”

He pulls the covers over his head and says, “I’m going back to sleep.”

Ahhhh…finally relief!

I continue with my morning as usual. Reading, writing, giving Yahoo love, etc.

The guard yells, “CLEAR!”

I exit my cell and go clean out my porta-poty.

I get in line for jpay, then take Yahoo outside.

For breakfast I ate cereal, orange, milk, and water.

At 11am, I took Yahoo to the weekly Freedom Tails class. This class is designed to show what the dogs can do and the progress they’ve made. Yahoo always does really well in this setting.

Lunch: Spectacular Brown Rice and water.

Worked from 12:30-3:30.

At 2:30pm, I ate white chicken meat, banana, and water.

It’s now count time and I’m blogging this.

I’ll go to dinner at 4:35ish and eat beef stew, rice, apple, green beans, water.

Then I’ll go straight to H4, and finish passing out all the store until 7:30pm.

At 8pm, I’ll go outside to run and lift weights.

It’s now count time and I’m finishing up this post. I’m gonna eat one last time today. Frosted Flakes with melted peanut butter, and milk. Mm Mm good!

And that my friends, is how I spent Tuesday.