Toy Time

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Toy Time is a program that provides toys and gifts for disadvantage children. All toys and gifts are made by the inmates here at SCCC. The gifts are then donated to local charities who distribute them to families in need.

Toy Time has donated thousands of quality hand-crafted gifts to various charities. Making gifts for needy families is a way for inmates to give back to the community while making positive contributions.

Toy Time donates to charities such as:

*Christmas For The Kids
*The Children’s Advocacy Center
*The Friendship House
*and more.

These western Washington charities distribute Toy Time gifts to families at or below the poverty level. The need for donations are constant. Toy Time strives to provide as many quality gifts as possible.

Participating inmates make leather belts, caps, purses and more. The ceramic workers create a variety of gifts. Wood is crafted into cars, trucks, trains, and many other toys. Natural and synthetic materials are used to make teddy bears and pillows.

If you can donate any of these materials, tools used in these crafts, or make a monetary donation, you will help make a huge difference in the lives of disadvantage children.

For more information contact:

Ryan Graves


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