Suzie’s Email:


Steven Baby,

I feel sooo much JOY right now. I love you.

You make me smile from the inside out. Mwah! Mwah! Mwah!

I completely understand you. And guess what? I’ve actually already been networking to a lot of Christian blogs, although I wasn’t quite sure why I was doing it…one day I just all of a sudden did. Religion is deeply embedded in me. I may not practice any specific religion or go to church every Sunday, but like you, I too believe in their morals & values. And I know many great people living a Christian life who are happy, honest, non-judgmental, loving, and successful (my family for example).

Your email was very powerful to me. It touched me because I felt the connection.

I think, in a way, I’ve been waiting for you to sell your book and move me to Aberdeen. I was waiting…that was my problem. I recently came to this realization. This is something that I had to figure out through my own experience and in my own time. I now completely see the role that I have in our financial success.

“Don’t wait for things to happen, make things happen.”

I’ve been putting in hours working on our blogs…and seeing almost immediate results. Which helps show me that we can truly create our own luck if we have the desire to do so, and if we control our minds to stay focused & positive.

Thank you for helping me to be a better woman for us both.

I love you.

Yes baby, I said that short prayer with you.

I actually just sent you a letter asking you about God. I admire and love you for letting Him in and obeying his laws & philosophies. THIS makes me feel good. I am so proud of my husband. I just want to convey to you that I felt your spirit in that email.

I think that perhaps God is answering your prayer. I mean, we got an amazing opportunity to write an article in Blessed Magazine (MWAH!!!). Just the name of the magazine is so fitting baby, and along the lines of gearing towards a Christian audience like you just mentioned in your email.

I love it when you and I are in harmony and working together. It feels so good. MWAH. I love you so dang much Steven!

Your Loving Wife,






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