6:13am – Woke up to the blaring PA system,”Picture card count! Picture card count! Put your ID in the window! This is a picture card count!” So I jumped from my top bunk and put our ID’s in the window.

Then I let Rolo out of his crate and gave him some love.

8:15am – Count still had not cleared. But for some reason they were calling Passover Mainline and Kitchen Workers. That normally means count is clear. And its my cue to take Rolo outside. As I’m in route, the officer yells,”Count is not clear. Everyone cell in!”

I take Rolo back to our penthouse where he pees all over the floor. It’s not his fault, normally he’s outside by now.

I read until 9am. That’s when they clear count.

For breakfast I ate oatmeal, orange, milk, water.

From 9-11am – I worked with Rolo.

Lunch: Beans, rice, celery, carrots, apple, tuna, trail mix.

12:30-1:30pm – Workout lifting weights and jogging.

1:30-3:45pm – Shower, Jpay, phone.

3:45-5pm – Nap time!

5-9pm – Dinner: Beef stew, rice, broccoli, carrots, apple, water. Played handball in the gym. Showered again!

9-11pm – Ate cereal and peanut butter. Went to sleep.