Stafford Creek Veteran’s Project

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SCCC and DOC are creating programs to address the needs of incarcerated Veterans. The goal is to improve personal wellbeing, reduce recidivism, and enhance community safety. In May 2013, SCCC created a “Veterans Pod” in H5-A pod.

Criteria to live in the Veterans pod is as follows:

*Must show a pattern of good prison conduct.
*Must not have been dishonorably discharged.
*Must agree to live by a strict code of ethics to promote positive living.
*Must maintain constant programming and live productively.
*Must maintain good hygiene and keep their living area clean.
*Must be respectful at all times.

Resources are used to enhance wellbeing, increase their chance at a successful community reentry, associate with like-experienced people, and to address their special needs while helping them establish a dedication to positive living.

I would love to be a part of this, however, I don’t meet criteria. This pod is for ex-military men only.


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For more information on this project contact:

Tera McElravy


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