7:12am – Woke up to the blaring PA system, “Mainline H3 A-Pod…last call…MAINLINE!!!” I quickly jumped outta bed, got dressed, and headed off to chow.

Breakfast: Oatmeal, banana, milk, water.

As soon as I got back I opened Rolo’s crate and gave him some big ol love. He was extra excited. Probably because I ignored him when I first woke up and rushed off to mainline.

7:35am – Took Rolo outside to break, play, and train. We’re working on Heel, Sit, Down, Stay, Come, and Eye Contact. Rolo should always look me in the eye whenever I call his name. He’s getting better at obeying all his commands.

8:30am – Read and meditated. Prayed for a good day. Did a little writing too.

11am – Lunch: Beans, Rice, Celery, Water

11:30-12:30pm – Worked with Rolo.

12:30-3:30pm – Softball practice. I’m not coaching this year. But I’ll still play on a team. And based on what I saw today, our team needs some serious help.

3:30pm – Ate cereal and showered.

3:45-5pm – Took a good nap.

5:00-6:00pm – Took Rolo out to break (break means go potty). Then went to Dinner: Celery, Carrots, Apple.

6-9pm – Called Suzie, Read, Wrote, and kept to myself.

9-11pm – Watched TV and relaxed. Fantasized about Suzie and these upcoming EFV’s.

All in all…it was a good day!