Roots Of Success



Roots of Success is a ten-module curriculum that teaches: Environmental Literacy, Academic Literacy, & Job Readiness.

The ten modules are as follows:

Introduction Module: Fundamentals of Environmental Literacy

8 Thematic Modules: Water, Waste, Transportation, Energy, Building, Health/Food/Agriculture, Community Organizing/Leadership, Financial Literacy & Entrepreneurship

Conclusion Module: Application/Practice


I’m excited to learn. I hope I get accepted. Here’s the criteria:

*Must be one year infraction free. (I’m almost 4 years infraction free.)
*Must have GED or HS Diploma. (I have a HS Diploma.)
*Must have the following skills (or the desire to develop them):

Communication Skills: Able to express self and communicate well with others.

Public Speaking: Comfortable speaking in a classroom setting. (I am not comfortable speaking in front of groups of people. But I’m up for the challenge. I’m willing to give it a try.)


Team Work: Able to work well in team settings.


Organization Skills: Able to keep documents in an orderly, systematic way. (Organization has always been my strong suit.)

Participation and Leadership: History of participation…ideally with leadership experience. (I coach prison softball and I am the leader of my destiny)


Professional Appearance: Professional disposition and dress in a neat and tidy manner. (No problem! I have this neat khaki outfit I love to wear.)

Conflict Management Skills: Able to resolve disputes and facilitate dialogue involving a variety of opinions. (Ever since I knocked out that last guy, I changed my conflict management skills to perfectly fit this criteria.)


Willingness to Learn: Willing to learn and continue to advance knowledge through pro-active, independent study. (Absolutely! Pretty much everything I’ve done this far I’ve done on my own through independent study and a strong burning desire.)


Commitment: Commit to being a student for 3 hours a day, 3 days a week, for 10 weeks. (Yes sir! I just hope I get the opportunity.


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