Question #7




Why are programs like the dog program a good fit for a prison setting?


Because it offers Intrinsic Motivation to a lot of guys who simply can’t find it anywhere else.

It’s a meaningful activity that guys genuinely want to do.

For me, having a dog in prison is awesome.

And then there is the EFV program!

I have all the intrinsic motivation I need. No misconduct out-weighs the benefits of these programs. Just like no criminal activity out-weighs freedom. These programs help put things into perspective.

The Dog Program teaches many valuable skills to those who utilize the program properly. It teaches patients, compassion, responsibility, discipline, and confidence, just to name a few.


Question #1: What is your daily routine like in prison?
Question #2: Which activities do you currently engage in that are most meaningful to you?
Question #3: How has engaging in activities like education, NA meetings, writing (blog & books) been useful to you?
Question #4: Do you think that engaging in any of these activities would help you after you get out? If so, how?
Question #5: How have you developed and maintained meaningful social relationships?
Question #6: Why isn’t there more engaging, humanistic activities in prison?
Question #8: If there were more programs that focused on developing social skills, educational skills, writing, etc. do you think there would be less recidivism?