Question #6




Why isn’t there more engaging, humanistic activities in prison?


It all starts with the Superintendent. Some facilities have more activities than others. And that is a direct reflection of the Superintendent’s philosophical approach to rehabilitation.

Stafford Creek Corrections Center (SCCC) has a new Superintendent and she is big on programming. This facility is about to set the standard for activities that are engaging, and humanistic. I’m excited for all the new programs that are about to wash over SCCC.


Question #1: What is your daily routine like in prison?
Question #2: Which activities do you currently engage in that are most meaningful to you?
Question #3: How has engaging in activities like education, NA meetings, writing (blog & books) been useful to you?
Question #4: Do you think that engaging in any of these activities would help you after you get out? If so, how?
Question #5: How have you developed and maintained meaningful social relationships?
Question #7: Why are programs like the dog program a good fit for a prison setting?
Question #8: If there were more programs that focused on developing social skills, educational skills, writing, etc. do you think there would be less recidivism?