Question #5




How have you developed and maintained meaningful social relationships?


I’ve developed them by paying attention to the Law of Attraction.

When I conduct myself with integrity and in an intelligent manner, I attract like-minded people.

I then nurture those relationships with love and compassion.

When associating with new people, I often find early on, a pivotal point. This pivotal point offers me one of two directions. I can choose to make this person like me. Or I can choose to make this person dislike me.

In the past I was oblivious to this concept. I would respond compulsively (see: How To Control Compulsive Thoughts). And because I had a polluted thought atmosphere, my response was usually rude. Therefore, most people disliked me.

Then I would wonder why there’s so much conflict in my life.

Today I care about people and how they feel. So when I encounter a pivotal point, I choose to make people like me.

I try my best to always be impeccable with my words.

I treat ALL people with dignity and respect.

I listen to people and let them talk. A lot of these guys just want to be heard. I offer positive feedback.

I’ve come to the understanding that people matter!

The power of the Universe lies within the people. Friends, foes, or enemies? It’s My Choice. I choose Friends.

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