Question #4




Do you think that engaging in any of these activities would help you after you get out? If so, how?


Absolutely. Every time I engage in an educational program, I interact with a variety of people. This allows me to develop social skills outside of my comfort zone. It also allows me to grow more comfortable in a classroom setting to where eventually it will become a comfort zone.

Let’s take my NA Meetings for example, I’m already way more comfortable in that classroom than when I first started. I noticed the same trend when I took the 21 week Redemption course, and the Roots To Success course. This proves to myself that no matter where I go, or what I do, I have the ability to adapt and thrive.

As for writing books and blogging, it’ll defenitly help me upon release.

Blogging provides me with a great support team that consist of thousands of people (one day millions), in addition to my wonderful friends and family. This gives me incredible strength and validates my knowledge that I can do anything I set my mind to.

My mind is set on being the best person I can be. A man who treats everyone with dignity and respect.

I want to be the best husband ever, and bless Suzie with the love and compassion she desires.

I want to be the best friend and family member anyone could hope for.

Every one of the meaningful activities that I engage in, are stepping stones towards my pathway to peace, love, harmony, and success.

Writing is such an effective rehabilitation tool. It allows me to express myself and my many emotions… in a positive way. Writing will enable Suzie and I to accomplish our goal of earning millions before my release.

So yes, absolutely! Engaging in meaningful activities is extremely important to anyone locked up.

Watch what a man does in prison, and you’ll see what he’s about to do in society. It’s not rocket science!


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Question #6: Why isn’t there more engaging, humanistic activities in prison?
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Question #8: If there were more programs that focused on developing social skills, educational skills, writing, etc. do you think there would be less recidivism?