Question #3




How has engaging in activities like education, NA meetings, writing (blog & books) been useful to you?


They either give me practical tools that I can apply to my daily life, or they offer some type of healing. Writing has given me a tangible career that’s obtainable from prison and will transition seamlessly as I take it with me into society.


Question #1: What is your daily routine like in prison?
Question #2: Which activities do you currently engage in that are most meaningful to you?
Question #4: Do you think that engaging in any of these activities would help you after you get out? If so, how?
Question #5: How have you developed and maintained meaningful social relationships?
Question #6: Why isn’t there more engaging, humanistic activities in prison?
Question #7: Why are programs like the dog program a good fit for a prison setting?
Question #8: If there were more programs that focused on developing social skills, educational skills, writing, etc. do you think there would be less recidivism?