Question #1




What is your daily routine like in prison?


I wake up around 7 and let my dog, Yahoo, out of his crate. I start my day with words of love and affection. I tell Yahoo how much I love and appreciate him as I scratch and massage his ears and neck.

I read something influential from one of my many books. Today it was from “THE ONE YEAR LOVE LANGUAGE MINUTE DEVOTIONAL” by Gary Chapman.

I read my JUST FOR TODAY sayings that I have posted by my mirror.

By doing all this, I prepare my mind to rise above all the negative influences and to impose my own goodwill as I face another day in prison. I wish I could say it works flawlessly everyday. But it doesn’t. In the midst of all my positivity, I must be very mindful of the negative undercurrent that surrounds me.


Example: Not too long ago I greeted a man by saying, “Good morning”.

He replied with a stern look on his face, “What the f*ck is so good about it?!”

At that point, I should’ve left him alone and walked away. But I didn’t. Instead I attempted to point out the good things about this particular morning. My positivity seemed to further infuriate this man to the point he shouted, “Leave me the f*ck alone…don’t ever speak to me again!”

At that point I shut up, and went about my business. But then, as I was leaving the area, I had to walk past him again. I simply said, “Have a nice day.”


Within minutes he was knocking on my door. He came in my cell talking all kinds of crazy!

Years ago I would’ve severely punished this man.

But today, its simply not worth it. I have too many “meaningful activities” going on. So I endured his verbal abuse and completely bowed down. I also learned a valuable lesson. And this time I didn’t have to learn it the hard way, by losing all I’ve worked for.


Back to my daily routine:

On Mon, Wed, Fri, from 10-11am, I attend a Cardio Class where I do a P90X type of workout. On the other days I run and lift weights. I also play handball regularly.

At 11:10, I go to work. I pass out commissary to everyone here.

From 3:45-4:25, its count time. I sometimes take a nap, read, or write, or spend time with Yahoo.

From 6-9pm, I do a variety of activities. It depends on the day. I go to NA. I spend time with Yahoo. I check my emalis. I blog. I write my wife, friends and family. I workout, play handball, and cook.

I eat 5 times a day. Morning, Noon, Afternoon, Evening, Night. The times fluctuate within an hour.

When I have phone time, I call my wife sometime between 10-11pm.

The day is over at 11:30pm and I must remain in my cell until 7am, a new day, time to do it all over again.

I hardly watch TV anymore. I usually read or write myself to sleep. Last night I was up until 2am writing.

Here is an example of what each of my days are like:




Question #2: Which activities do you currently engage in that are most meaningful to you?
Question #3: How has engaging in activities like education, NA meetings, writing (blog & books) been useful to you?
Question #4: Do you think that engaging in any of these activities would help you after you get out? If so, how?
Question #5: How have you developed and maintained meaningful social relationships?
Question #6: Why isn’t there more engaging, humanistic activities in prison?
Question #7: Why are programs like the dog program a good fit for a prison setting?
Question #8: If there were more programs that focused on developing social skills, educational skills, writing, etc. do you think there would be less recidivism?