My Smartass Confrontation:


“What the f**k man! Did you really have to trash my cell like a couple of home invaders?”

Officer Jenkins looks at me and says, “First of all, you need to calm down.”

“I am calm you piece of sh*t. Now tell me why your disrespectful ass tore up my cell!”

Jenkins replies, “Your language is inappropriate.”

“F**k you! If my language offends you, then you’re in the wrong line of work…a**hole!”

At this point, Officer Wilson chimes in, “We searched your cell because the mailroom called and told us to.”

I say, “Oh really! Did they tell you to spill my commissary all over, to throw my clothes on the floor, and to leave my entire cell in disarray?”

Jenkins says, “This is prison and shakedowns are to be expected.”

I respond, “You’re right. This is prison. And foul language is to be expected. Now go f**k yourself!”

Jenkins says, “I am giving you a direct order to stop swearing.”

I say, “I’m giving you a direct order to F**K OFF!”

At this point, Jenkins feels threatened. He pushes his panic button then orders me to “cuff up.”

“F**k you” I reply to his order. “I know where I’m going. Follow me!” And I start walking towards the exit.

Jenkins and Wilson follow me. Jenkins has his handcuffs out and he’s yelling, “Cuff up…cuff up NOW!”

“F**k you!” I yell back.

As I step outside the unit I am met by a swarm of officers who are responding to the panic button. At that point, I comply and let Jenkins cuff me. And I’m then escorted to segregation.

Moral: I used to talk to officers like this, and it would only make the situation worse. Today I’ve learned to control my anger. And by controlling my mind, I control my environment.


My Controlled Confrontation

Another Prison Cell Search


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