My Controlled Confrontation:


I open up our conversation by saying, “Hello. I see you all have searched my cell.”

Officer Jenkins replies, “Yeah. We got orders from the mailroom to search your cell.”

I give a puzzled look, then say, “From the mailroom?”

He says, “Yes. They read your outgoing mail and found unauthorized stationary.”

I immediately know what he’s talking about. I have a stack of stationary full of laser copies of $100 dollar bills. I ask Jenkins, “What’s wrong with having paper with the picture of money on it?”

He says, “I don’t know.”

I reply, “You’re the Correctional Officer, you’re supposed to know these things. How am I to know the rules if you don’t even know the rules?”

He looks confused.

I change the subject. “May I ask why you guys tore up my cell so bad?”

Wilson chimes in and says, “We were looking for specific items. We had to.”

“What were you looking for? I ask.

“More unauthorized stationary,” he says.

“Well, did you find it?”

“No,” he says, “Why, do you have more?”

I am honest with them as I say, “Yes I do.”

Jenkins and Wilson just look at each other. My honesty is surprising to them.

“Want me to go get it?” I ask.

“Yes” Jenkins answers.

After I hand over my unauthorized stationary, I explain that I’m not trying to play games and manipulate. I tell them that I am trying to obey all rules and to do what’s right. My action of turning in the stationary is proof of that.

They apologize for tearing up my cell so bad. To this day I still maintain a respectful relationship with these two officers.

Moral: Situations happen. Its how we deal with them that dictates our quality of life.


My Smartass Confrontation

Another Prison Cell Search



  1. Awesome! And I think your controlled response will be great in the movie… Nobody would expect that! After all, nobody expects the Spanish Inquisition! Oops… Sorry… had a Monty Python moment 😂

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  2. Taking the high road is always the most difficult, but in the end the most satisfying, for yourself and for the fact that you undercut their authority by your straightforward and intelligent “confrontation” – good for you, Man.
    Oh, and nice options for the reader, your post showed how positive diplomacy tactics under any situation can work for oneself..

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  3. Wicked approach. I knowing nothing can be done would also want to know why they had to trash it so bad. They may go less brutal nxt time cos ov how u dealt with it, maybe. I guess there was a time u would have just kicked off so well done on your control of self.

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