My Combative Response…

(cont’d blog from “The 12th Can”)

So I turn to Cramp and say, “Yes, I heard you. But today I’m trying to be sucka free.”

“Who you calling a sucka, boy!”

“You! Motherfucker!! Mind your own business and don’t worry about me or what I’m doing.”

He says, “Fuck you! I’ll beat your ass!”

I reply, “You got the easy part done.”

As he approaches me I throw a bucket of water on him. This irritates him and he charges full speed. He then slips and falls. I kick him square in the face! He’s knocked-out cold.

I pour another bucket of water on him. Then I dump the big bathroom garbage can all over him. The nasty trash sticks to his wet clothes and body.

I walk away as he lays there, out cold!

A few hours late, I have three guards cuffing me up. Someone snitched. My day just got worse. Off to the hole I go.

I lost my job. I lost my spot in the cardio class. And I lost 45 days of good time.

Fighting Sucks!


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