7:02am, Woke up and hopped down from my top bunk. Let Yahoo out of his crate. Spent a few minutes giving him some love and affection.

Fed Yahoo.
Read my JUST FOR TODAY mantra.
Then headed off to the bathroom.

It’s important to get my mind right and be mentally prepared anytime I leave the cell. Yahoo and my mantra help me do just that. In this environment, bad attitudes are everywhere and the last thing I wanna do is fall victim to that.

7:10am, Took Yahoo out to do his morning business.

7:17am, Got on jpay and sent my baby some love. I also sent out two emails that I composed last night on my JP5 player.

7:35am, Ate oatmeal, orange, milk, and water. No sugar, no butter, no salt…none of that is conducive to a healthy lifestyle.

8-9am, Did some dayroom training with Yahoo, then sat at a table and composed this.

9am, Headed back to my cell and read from “The Science of Mind” by Ernest Holmes. Today’s reading was on, The Meaning of Immorality. I find this type of literature fascinating.

9:26am, I read from “THE ONE YEAR LOVE LANGUAGE MINUTE DEVOTIONAL” by Gary Chapman. Today’s reading was on Seeking Significance. Suzie sent me this book. She also has a copy. We read it together. It helps us stay on the same page. (pun intended) 🙂

10am, I’m about to go to the gym for my cardio class. I gotta get my stamina up for these rapidly approaching EFV’s with Suzie! OMG, I better stop here…I’m not trying to go to cardio class with a boner!

11:40am, After cardio class I came back to my cell. My celly was awake. (He usually wakes up around 10). I said hello.

My celly left so I can change and get ready for work.

After I changed, I ate 2 hard boiled eggs, trail mix, apple, and water.

Now I’m sitting in front of a fan with Yahoo, waiting for my boss to come get me for work.

Today we’re passing out store in H3….hey, that’s my unit! That means its “Take Your Dog To Work Day.” My boss likes dogs and cats, so he allows Yahoo to come back with us to where we pass out store.

2:30pm, Just got back from work. Yahoo spent 30 minutes with us.
Now we’re back in the cell.

Time to eat. One of my common homemade meals is called “Spectacular Brown Rice”.

Here’s how I make it:
I put 3 oz of brown rice in bowl.
Add 2 oz of unsalted trail mix.
Add hot water until it’s a quarter inch above the rice.
Microwave for 3 minutes.
Put a lid on it.
Put it under my covers for a few hours.

Then I add one diced apple.
One diced orange.
Two heaping tablespoons of diced jalapeños.
One third of a dill pickle (diced).
4oz of tuna. Sometimes I use Sardines or Mackerel.

I did all that last night because I looked at the menu and saw processed meat and cheese for lunch. No thank you. I don’t eat all the processed meat and cheese they serve and sell us.

I’ll eat half of my Spectacular Brown Rice right now!

3:00pm, I check my emails. This consists of finding out who’s last in line for jpay. The line isn’t a formal line like waiting to use the pisser at a Seahawks game. Oh no, this line is all over the dayroom. I start off by asking, “who’s last” until I track down the last guy in line. Then I say, “I got after you.” Sometimes the line is 2 hours, other times its 10 minutes.

3:45 – 4:25pm, Count time.

4:40pm, Dinner time. Tonight I had a chicken salad w/a hard boiled egg, orange, and water. This is one of the best dinners they serve here.

After dinner, its back to work. Today we finished passing out all the store at 6pm.

I then took Yahoo outside and did some training. He’s an awesome dog. YOU SHOULD ADOPT HIM. Otherwise, they might put him down.

7pm, Time for an NA meeting.

8:25pm, Shaved, showered, put my laundry away, and turned in my dirty laundry.

9pm, Count time. I ate the rest of my Spectacular Brown Rice.

The phones, microwave, jpay, and showers are opened from 9:45- 11:30pm. Sometimes I enduldge. But tonight I’m staying in. I’ll read and write until around midnight.