Freedom Tail

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In 2009, Freedom Tail was created to save shelter dogs that may otherwise be euthanized. Inmates learn responsibility, patience, commitment, and what it’s like to love and care for another living being. The dogs and adopters come from all over.

Before leaving the program all dogs are sprayed/neutered and given an overall health checkup. They live with the inmates 24/7 for ten weeks. They are trained in basic commands, both verbal and hand, along with socialization skills.

At the end of ten weeks, adopters are invited to the facility for the graduation ceremony where handlers show off all the commands and tricks. They also share stories about how the training process has had a positive impact in their lives. This gives adopters an opportunity to talk with the handlers and learn about their new dog.

This program is a win-win for everyone involved.

I have submitted to be a part of this dog program here at SCCC. I’ve participated in a similar program in the past and absolutely loved it!


For more information contact:

Dennis Cherry, K9 Unit CUS

Pattie McCarty, Trainer Sgt.


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  1. This is the best news. Steven was a excellent handler when he was out-of-state in Arizona. I’m beyond glad that he gets another opportunity to love and be loved.

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