Days 4 & 5


6:15 am
I wake up excited. I get to spend another day with Willy. Jesse is still sleeping as I climb down from my top bunk and open Willy’s crate.

“Willy, stay,” I whisper as I give the hand cue. He does.
“Willy, come,” I whisper as I give the hand cue. He comes. And the love fest is on!

7:30 am
“Willy, wanna go outside?” He understands. He jumps up on me.
“Willy, off!” I say firmly. He complies.
I’m surprised at how fast Willy is learning.

I make him sit at all the doorways and heel every time we walk through the dayroom. I still have to work at getting him to sit, but he’s getting better. After he goes potty, its time to play then train.

8 am
“Willy, heel!” He does. I take five steps. Then stop. And say, “Willy, sit!” as I slightly pull up on the leash and push down on his haunches. He immediately sits. I praise and reward him. Then do it again. And again. And again…for ten solid minutes.

I no longer have to pull up on the leash and push on his haunches. I don’t even have to say sit. The second I stop walking, he automatically sits.

For the rest of the day I randomly stop and say, “Willy, sit!” as I give the hand cue. And every time, he sits.

The hand cue for “sit” is: I open my hand like some one is about to give me a five. My hand is down by my side. Then I bring it up through Willy’s line of vision, like I’m curling a dumbbell.

The progress Willy is making is absolutely phenomenal! I can’t wait to see what tomorrow brings.


The morning starts off as usual. Lots of love and affection. Then we play and train throughout the entire day.

The main focus is HEEL and SIT. Every time we walk on leash, Willy’s head is by my left knee. Very little correction is needed. He gets it. When we stop at a closed door, I don’t even have to say anything. He automatically sits. Willy has mastered HEEL and SIT.

Willy is awesome!

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