Day 7

7 am
I climb down from my top bunk and open Willy’s crate, just as I’ve been doing all week. Willy automatically stays in his crate as he watches me. I go sit in the opposite corner. Jesse is still sleeping, so I’m quiet. I give Willy nothing but a hand cue to “come.” And here he comes, tail a wagging! Our morning ritual love fest is on!

7:30 am
I walk back in the cell after using the bathroom and getting ready for another awesome day with Willy. Jesse is still sleeping. Willy is laying on his mat.

I whisper, “Willy, wanna go outside?” He jumps up and stretches out both his front paws. Then his hind legs. I grab his leash from the hook on the wall. Willy comes and sits in front of me. “Good boy” I whisper. I hook the leash to his slip collar.

“Willy, stay,” I whisper, as I slowly open the door. He stays.

I walk out on the tier to the end of his 6′ leash. Willy stays in the cell as we make eye contact. Ten seconds later I say, “Willy, heel.” He comes to my left knee then sits down. “Good boy” as I pet his head.

We walk through the dayroom and Willy’s head stays even with my left knee.
We get to the doors and Willy automatically sits.
We get outside and Willy goes potty on command.

Every time I interact with Willy, there’s an opportunity to train and reinforce what he knows. Everything is structured and runs through the pack leader. That is how Immaculate Obedience is achieved.

Willy has been here for one week and he already knows the following commands: Heel, Sit, Stay, Come, Down, Leave It/No, Off, Kennel, Crate, Mat, Go home, Roll over, Jump, Back up, Up, Drop it, Shake, Get your toy, Eat, and Drink your water.