Day 17

I’m sitting on the floor writing, with my back against Jesse’s bunk. Willy is between my legs with his head on my thigh. I take mini breaks to gently stroke his soft head and velvety ears. This dog is so incredibly sweet and loyal. All he wants to do is be by my side and interact.
I get up and walk over to my desk.
Willy follows.
I rummage through a stack of papers.
Willy positions himself to where he sees exactly what I’m doing.
I deliberately shift to the right and block his view.
He immediately comes around to my left.
I act like I’m not paying attention to him.
I again block his view by shifting to the left.
He jets to the right.
This is funny! He doesn’t want to miss a thing.
Willy is relentless. We go back and forth for a good two minutes, which seems like 20 minutes. I keep him intrigued by vigorously shaking the papers all while doing my best to not let him see. I finally turn around.
”Is this what you want to see?” I say as I shake the stack of papers above his head.
He stretches his neck upward and sniffs like crazy.
I bring the papers to him and let him sniff.
Then I shake them again.
He drops down into a playful lunging position.
I shake the papers in his face.
He tries to bite them.
”Awt! Leave it!” I say.
He backs off.
I put the papers on my desk and say, ”Good boy Willy!” as I use my hands to play with him. In the middle of play I say, ”Willy, mat!” He goes to his mat. ”Willy, down!” He lays down. I rush over to him saying, ”Good boy Willy” as I bear hug him and wrestle with him.
I get him super wound up and excited. Then I say, ”Willy, crate!”
He goes in his crate.
“Willy, come!”
He comes.
”Willy, sit!”
He sits.
“Willy, jump!”
He springs up about 4 feet off the ground.
The second he lands I say, ”Willy sit!”
He does.
The second he sits I say, ”Willy jump!”
He does.
I give him these commands five times in a row. He performs flawlessly.
On the fifth time, I catch Willy in mid air. This is the first time I’ve ever caught him like that. ”Good boy Willy” I say over and over with lots of enthusiasm. He tries to lick my face. ”Willy, NO!” He stops.
I set him down.
“Willy, sit!”
He does.
He watches me pour water into his bowl.
”Willy, stay!” I say as I walk over to my chair and sit down. He watches me.
”Okay, Willy! Drink!” He goes straight to his water and drinks it all.
”Good boy Willy!”
All good things goes through me first. Willy can’t eat, drink, or play unless told to do so. By running such a disciplined regiment, Willy is developing immaculate obedience.