Day 11

I’m laying awake in the dark. The officer yells, ”count clear!” That’s usually my cue to get up. I’ll just lay here a little longer.
I hear Jesse getting up. I put my wrist in the beam of light that shines from the tier into our cell. I do this to see what time it is since the indiglo light in my watch has burned out. Its 7:30.
Jesse takes Willy outside. Cool. I’m going to catch a few more zzz’s.
Five minutes later, Jesse and Willy come back in. I immediately think, ”that was only enough time for Willy to pee. He still has to poop.”
Jesse leaves for work.
I can’t fall back to sleep. Too much is on my mind : I’m excited to say good morning to Willy, I have to check in with the officer at 8, because I’m a unit janitor and that’s how I report to work, and Willy has to go poop.
“Willy, come!”
He shoots off his mat and comes flying up on the chair as he stands on his hind legs and puts his front paws on my bed up by my head. (I taught him that in about 5 minutes.)
“Good morning buddy.” I say as I’m rubbing his ears and kissing his muzzle.
He starts to moan.
He tries to lick my face. I don’t let him.
The morning unfolds as usual.
I report to work at 8.
I take Willy outside. He poops.
I put Willy in the kinnel.
I scrub the bathroom down with disinfectant and let is soak for 35 minutes.
During those 35 minutes, I play and train with Willy.
Then I put him back in the kennel and go finish cleaning the bathroom.
9 am
Time to start cleaning my second and finale bathroom.
Again, I drench it with disinfectant and let it soak for 35minutes.
While it soaks I go get my boy Willy. We play and train. I enforce all the rules, heel when we walk, sit at doorways, down, stay, leave it, all that. Willy responds beautifully.
I’m done with work. I do that Monday through Friday and get paid $55 a month. I like this job because I don’t have to leave the unit and I get to spend more time with Willy.
Jesse go’s and welds all day. He’s gone from 7:30ish until 3:30. He makes about $140 per month. (follow Jesse Bailey at
Were in the cell. “Willy, catch.”
I toss him a kibble. It bounces off his nose and onto the floor. He attempts to go get it. “Awt, awt…leave it!” I demand.
He does.
”Willy, sit.”
He does.
”Willy catch.” I toss him a kibble. Again, it bounces off his nose. He watches it roll across the floor. ”Leave it!” I say. He remains sitting.
I repeat this process about five more times before he finally snatches one out of the air. We throw a party! ”Good boy Willy” I say over and over with much excitement as I give him a handful of kibble and rub all over his head. ”Good boy Willy!”
For the next 20 minutes I toss him kibble from different angles and distances. He caught 27 in a row before finally missing one!
That’s another cue we can add to the list : ”Catch”.
Jesse comes back from work and gives Willy 2 cups of food.
But before he does, I say,”HeyJesse, watch this. Willy, catch!”
I toss him a piece of kibble from my top bunk. Willy catches it with ease.
Jesse picks up Willy and throws him a party.