Appreciation, by Mark Blain

Inmate Blogger

Greetings Fellow Humans and All Other Entities of Intelligence,

I am not certain how many people this salutation and expression of appreciation may reach, but it is my highest hopes that it — if possible — it reaches every single sentient life force in existence.

First, I’d like to express my most gracious feelings of gratefulness for Mrs. Suzie Jennings (Founder and CEO of, which allows me to compose writings to anyone whom wishes to read them; if not for Suzie, this would not be possible). Suzie is, from the little I know, one of the most brave and caring people amongst us. She selflessly pays her own money to help the helpless, and spends countless hours each month to keep the lines opened for those whom once had NO LINE. Despite being berated by bullies on the internet and other news media, for helping us, she continues her…

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