Real Love Letter #60



Good morning my sweet, kind, loving wife. I truly love you.


I lost focus and spirits of discord moved in. I faltered when faced with adversity. I did not trust in God as I leaned on my own understanding. As a result, I gave a foothold to death and destruction…death to our marriage, and destruction to the pathway that leads to peace, happiness, and prosperity.


I must learn to submit to Gods commands and let His word guide me throughout every aspect of life. I must swallow my pride and put all my trust in God. 


I confess that I was wrong, and that my actions came from a heart full of resentment, selfishness, and pride. If my actions are to ever change, it starts with changing my heart.


Deep in my heart I’ve had an impure agenda: my desire for other women, my own place when I get out of prison, etc. These are sins of the flesh that eventually bring death and destruction. There is no denying that. And because these things are suppressed deep in my heart, well that means they’re still there, and that means they will eventually

manifest through my behavior, as we are now seeing.


I recognize the destructive path I’m on and I sincerely want to change the course of my life. The only way to do this is to confess, repent, and commit to obeying Gods commands.


I cannot fake it. I cannot suppress it and hope it doesn’t effect my livelihood in a negative manner. I cannot live a lie as I clean up all the other areas in my life but ignore the suppressed elephant in the room. I must be genuine and sincere in everything I do. Especially when it comes to serving God, obeying His commands, and honoring the sacred vows of marriage.


There simply is no other way. I’m not giving up on you or our marriage. You are a gift from God. He sent you to me for a reason and I’m starting to understand His purpose. You make me a better man.


Through the power of Jesus and His incredible love that lives in you, my heart will be made new as I truly move pass the sinful nature of the flesh and into the light of righteousness led by His spirit.


I honor you. I respect you. I cherish you.


Your Forever Husband,


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