The Process of Crystallization

I’d like to share some interesting stuff that I learned in my Real Man Ministry curriculum.

I’ve blindly experienced this ”crystallization” process several times throughout my life. I’m pretty sure we all have.

But now I’m learning about it in detail, the cause and effects, how to recognize the beginning stages, and most importantly of all: How to nip it in the bud, and implement preventive measures.

First of all, what is ”crystallization?” CRYSTALLIZATION is when your attitude towards something or someone becomes hardened, unresponsive, and down right negative. It’s when your heart becomes ”crystallized” with things like unforgiveness, contempt, dislike, resentment, and in extreme cases…hate.

For years my heart was ”crystallized” towards staff, sex offenders, women beaters, child abusers, and anyone else who created conflict in my life.

Matthew 22:29 says:

“You are in error because you do not know the scriptures or the power of God.”

As I get to know God and truly understand His scriptures, I realize that a ”crystallized” heart not only affects me, but also my friends, family, and anyone else who is close to me.

In my ignorance, I had no idea that ”crystallization” was a devastating stumbling block all
throughout my path of life. And even worse, I had no idea that I was causing others to stumble right along with me.

I want to be a beacon of hope, and inspire peace, love and harmony. I sometimes wonder, is this even possible for a guy like me, with such a negative, destructive past? For years I’ve tried on my own to turn my life around. But time and time again, I find myself in the exact same type of situations: arguments, conflict, resentment, etc…

Why couldn’t I do it? Why couldn’t I just turn things around? Why was I living from crisis to crisis, despite my best efforts to avoid it? It was because I neglected God and I was trying to
do it all by myself.

Matthew 19:26 says:

”With man this is impossible, but with God all things are possible.”

How beautiful is that!? I know without a doubt, that I can achieve anything I set my mind to, as long as I put God first. With God all things are possible!

As I walk with God and trust His teachings, I’m learning extraordinary, life changing things. Such as:

The forming and undoing of “Crystallization.” It starts with:

REVELATION – Whenever we realize something, it becomes alive in the heart, bringing a new sense of understanding. Whether good or bad, this is true.

Then comes:
INSPIRATION – This is the result of ”Revelation” which inspires change, good or bad. When ”inspiration” rises within us, the new emotions drive out the old. This creates new habits, behaviors, plans, ideas, feelings, thoughts, etc…Whether good or bad.

Then comes:
FORMALIZATION – This is when the mind develops, codifies, and formalizes all the changes that were brought on by ”Inspiration.”

We can apply all this to the good and the bad…to the “Crystallizing” of the heart, or the ”De-crystallizing” of the heart. The law works both ways, how we choose to use IT is entirely up to us.

”Formalization” is the critical point in which a heart is becoming ”Crystallized.” This is when we as Christians need to immediately recognize what is happening. We need to take it to Jesus, tap into His spirit of love, and let his guiding principles see us through.

By doing so, we will create a new ”INSPIRATION”, a good inspiration that will replace the degenerative tendencies that lead to ”Crystallization.”

But if we don’t take it to Jesus, and we allow the process to continue, then we move into what is called:

INSTITUTIONALIZATION – This is when we go through the motions without any emotion. This is where, contempt, dislike, resentment, hate, etc…all become the status quo. Our everyday life is full of destructive forces and we accept that as normal!

To combat ”Institutionalization” we need to seek and embrace a new ”Revolution.” One that is found the teachings of Christ. Otherwise ”Crystallization” sets in, and this is where dull, uninspired life takes place.

Understanding Gods word always come by way of ”Revelation.” His revelation brings light and understanding. He brings a fresh flow of spiritual expression which makes it impossible for ”Crystallization” to set in.

I love Matthew 22:29…

“You are in error because you don’t know the scriptures or the power of God.”

Whether it’s with our spouse, kids, parents, friends, co-workers, bosses, landlords, Donald Trump, or any other aspect of our life, WE NEED FRESH ”REVELATION”. God inspired revelation.

Who, or what else can inspire us to greatness?
Nothing compares to the power of God.

If we settle for old ”revelation” without ever renewing it with the spirit of God, our ”inspiration” will stagnate and lead us to a rigid form of ”institutionalization” that will ”crystallize” our heart and cause us to suffer.

I am getting to know God through scripture. I experience Him personally as He enriches my life with grace and power.

I’m not drawing my conclusions from abstract theories or mythology. I’m speaking from personal experience.

If you don’t believe in God, believe in this: There is an Infinite Spirit that operates through an Infinite and Immutable Law. This is UNDISPUTED by all intelligent forms of life.

So for me, that ”Infinite Spirit” is the Spirit of Jesus Christ.
And that ”Infinite and Immutable Law” is the Almighty God!

May peace be with you.


Steven Jennings



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