Real Love Letters #56

Jan. 2019


Suzie my love,


In front of God, you’re mother, family, my family, and the world, I promise, from this day forward to love you the way God intended man to love his wife. As a matter of fact, let’s lead by example and set the gold standard for men who are lucky enough to find love while incarcerated. I promise to make you feel secure and valued in our marriage. I will protect you and stand up for you always. I will treat you with the utmost love and respect…unconditionally and continually. All your dreams, desires, needs and wants will be my top priorities. For you truly are my Angel and you deserve my very best. And then some. And then some more. I have asked God to forgive me of all my sins and to renew my mind with the spirit of Christ. He said, “okay.” And now I ask for your forgiveness. And your mothers forgiveness. And your families forgiveness. Please forgive me of my sins against Suzie. I promise, in the name of Jesus, to do better.


With love in my heart, and peace in my mind.




* * *


Jan. 2019


My Dear Steven,


I forgive you. On our wedding day I vowed to love you for better or for worse, in joy and in sorrow. I honor this commitment. You are an amazing man with such a special strength. And you have a loving light within you that truly touches me. I am willing to help each other and I’m willing to fight for our marriage. I accept your apology and I pray that it will be accompanied with the changed behavior you listed. I love you. You’re snuggled in my heart, always. Mwah… hugs & kisses.


Talk to you soon.
I love you.
xo xo xo


Your Wife,




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