In Life We Are Limited By 3 Things

I just got done watching Tom Brady with his 6th Superbowl. I didn’t gamble on the game. Why? Because gambling is wrong.

For decades I made decent money by gambling in here. The concept was foolproof…find a sucker and exploit him. They’re everywhere in here. Someone will always take the underdog.

As I transform my mind with the Spirit of Christ, I struggle with gambling. I’ve quit, then started up again, then quit again only to eventually start up again. The free cash is a hard thing to let go. I obviously don’t get cash in here, so when I say, ”cash” I mean commissary items, such as: beans, rice, fish, clams, oysters, mixed nuts, oatmeal, hygiene items, and things like that.

Two weeks ago, when we all knew it was the Patriots and the Rams in the Superbowl, I went and made a few bets. I just knew Tom Brady would win. As the big game drew closer, I knew I was in the wrong for placing a wager. Or two. Or three.

“Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding in all your ways acknowledged him, and he will make your paths straight.” (Proverbs 3:5-6)

I prayed and meditated on that verse. Then I set down my Bible and went to ask the guys if I could cancel our bet. When they asked, ”Why?” I told them, ”Because I want to serve God and gambling isn’t serving God.”

That’s all it took. The bets were off.

After the Patriots won, I thought about the money I left behind. It pailed in comparison to the feeling I got from obeying God.

It’s hard to do EVERYTHING the right way. And when I lean on my own understanding, that’s when I usually fail. But when I trust in God, and draw strength from the Spirit of Christ, that’s when I experience my greatest victories.

Sure, I didn’t win any money today, and according to my understanding, that seems foolish to give up free money. But when I tap into Jesus, I realize I won much more than money. I won favor from God. And for that, He has something wonderful in store for me.

I share that testimony with you to conclude with this:

In life we are limited by 3 things:

By expanding the knowledge of my mind with the teachings of Jesus Christ, I was able to apply His wisdom and acknowledge His ways. I exchanged bad for good. Glory to God.

The quality of my character is found in my words and actions. As my knowledge of Christ expands, so does the quality of my character.

The principles I’m building my life upon are straight out of the Bible and derive from the teachings of Jesus Christ. Biblical philosophy guides the majority of my life. That is why I am, and have been so limited. Only when IT guides my EVERY move, that’s when I’ll truly be unlimited.

Life is composed of our choices, constructed by our words, and revealed by our character. Let’s all take it one day at a time as we focus on the teachings of Jesus and the power of love.

Proverbs 8:4


Steven Jennings


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