A Dogs Last Will and Testament

Before humans die, they write out their last will and testament.
They give their home and all they have to those they leave behind.
If with my paws, I could write out my last will and testament, this is what I’d write:

I leave my happy home to a poor and lonely stray.
I leave him my bowls, my cozy bed, soft blankets, and all my toys.
I leave him the lap that I loved so much, and the gentle hand that stroked my fur and massaged my ears. I leave him that sweet, gentle voice that spoke my name and soothed my soul.

I leave to the sad, scared shelter dog that special place in my owners heart that was just for me. A place of love and compassion that has no bounds.

When I die, please don’t say, “I’m done with pets, the pain is too great.”

Instead, go to a shelter and find an unloved dog. One whose life has never experienced the love and joy that you gave me. Find that lonely sad soul, and give him my place.

Because the only thing I can give now…
is the love I left behind.


Steven Jennings


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