My New Dog: Zoe, the Red Heeler Mix

Adopt Zoe at

I just got another super cool, super intelligent dog. Her name is Zoe. She’s a 2 y.o. Red Heeler/Pointer Mix. She’s absolutely gorgeous with her light brown honey glazed eyes, and pearly white teeth. Her temperament is fun, playful, and very affectionate.

She’s an ”owner surrender” which blows my mind, I mean, how can someone give up such an amazing dog? I’ve only had her for 3 days and I’m already completely in love with her.

She responds to her training almost immediately.
Someone just didn’t take the time to teach her things.

When I first got her, she took treats like she was starving, all fast and hard! Now she takes them with just her teeth, not even touching the fingers. Its funny because she approaches super slow, expecting me to pull the treat away if she comes in too fast. I say, ”eaaasy” as she comes in and takes it. ”Good girl, Zoe…yeah, that’s a good girl” in my high pitch girly voice.

But when she comes in hard and fast, she gets nothing but a firm ”Hey! No!” as I pull the treat away. It didn’t take long for her to figure things out.

She has already learned to heel, sit, down, and stay.
”Stay” was her biggest challenge, which she easily learned.

We have a nice crate in our cell. “Zoe, crate!” And she goes right in. ”Zoe, stay!” And she stays. ” Zoe, come!” And she comes charging out, eager to get praised and loved. She’s awesome!

Somebody reading this should adopt her. Goto: and look for Zoe. If she’s not up yet, keep checking back. Or contact paws and tell them YOU WANT ZOE!

She’s great with all people, and loves children.
She needs a home where she’s the only pet.
She’s a herding dog and will chase anything that moves.
And she shows signs of doggy aggression.
We’ll work on that.

Right now she’s curled up by my side as I write this.
“Zoe.” She looks at me.
”Gimme kiss!”
Awww, she just gave me the sweetest kiss.

She also learned, ”Take it” and ”drop it.”
Before, she didn’t want to give up the ball.
Once she got it, that was it.

She quickly learned, in about 5 minutes, to ”Take it” just like a treat, nice and easy. And to ”drop it” right in the hand. ”Good girl Zoe!”

We still have 8 weeks to train this super dog. Her potential is astronomical. Someone is going to get a truly amazing dog in Zoe.

Red Heeler Dogs:

Australian cattle dogs are often called red heeler or blue heeler dogs. These cattle herding pooches first came into existence Down Under during the 1800s, a result of breeding together blue merle collies, Australian kelpies and Dalmatians.



Red heeler behavior and temperament can be described in many ways. These canines are gallant, lively, vigilant, spirited and clever animals who thrive on having things to do — herding, for example. Red heelers are smart creatures that usually possess persistent can-do attitudes. Tedium is a major issue for red heelers, which is why their minds and bodies need tasks to focus on. These usually faithful dogs are extremely cautious by nature and because of that are often meek and reserved around new people. Red heelers are extremely family-oriented animals.

For adoption info go to…check em out!



Steven Jennings



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