A Brief History of Inmate Blogger & The Co-Founders

Inmate Blogger

Steven & Suzie Jennings, co-founders of Inmate Blogger

Steven & Suzie Jennings were married in February of 2014, in a prison visiting room.

Suzie created a WordPress blog for Steven in 2013, titled Stone City Blog, where he could share his incarcerated journey, and also to help promote his ebook (Stone City: Life In The Penitentiary).

Steven loved writing and blogging his thoughts for his family, friends, and the world to read. He truly could feel that his voice was being heard. Blogging helped change his life, and he felt a strong sense of connection to society. It created a community of support around his writing, which inspired him to be the best he could be.

He told his fellow inmate friends about his blogging, and then several became guest writers on Stone City Blog. Word spread within his facility, and soon random guys were coming up to Steven showing an interest in blogging. At this point, Steven…

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