POWER OF POTENTIAL lesson 7 and 8


”Master your passion or your passion will master you.”

In the book it describes sinful passions such as sex, porn, power, drinking, drugs, gambling, and things like that.

My testimony revolves around gambling, playing cards, dominoes, fantasy football, and even fighting. Those things truly mastered me for several years. I spent an easy 10 hours a day serving those masters. Everyday. For years!

What a waist of time. I was so clueless and ignorant.
And I suffered greatly for it.

All the while when I was engaging in those activities, I knew I was ignoring a higher calling for me. I chose to ignore that Inner Voice. I now realize it was because my passions were all wrong and they mastered me. They were what controlled me.

I tried to quit from time to time, but I was too week.
My master would call and I’d come running.

Once I truly committed to a Christian lifestyle, and renewed my mind with the Spirit of Christ, that’s when I found the strength to master my sinful passions and exchange them for healthy, productive, loving passions. Such as studying the teachings of Jesus and obeying His commands.

As a result, many of my curses have gone away. I no longer get in fights. I don’t go to the hole. I don’t get write ups. My cell doesn’t get tore up by the  guards. I’m not in constant conflict with my peers and staff. I’m not losing good time or getting cell confinement.

By being obedient to Gods commands, which are clearly stated in the Bible, I have exchanged curses for blessings.

I have a beautiful wife who loves me, and I love her. We get along perfectly and truly love each other the way the Bible describes ”love” in 1 Corinthians 13:4-7. Glory to God and to the Spirit of Jesus for teaching me the true meaning of love, and for giving me the cognitive ability to understand and implement His teachings into my life. I couldn’t do it without Jesus.

I’m in the dog program. I get EFV’s with my wife. I live in harmony with my peers and staff as I treat everyone with love and respect. I’m getting all my good time back. I get positive reviews and remarks in my files and on my evaluations. I’m the mastermind behind, and I’m blessed to have a wife who is incredibly talented and dedicated. She made my vision a reality and gives me great hope for our future.

The blessings go on and on! All because I study the Bible and obey Gods commands. I don’t just read it then go back to my sinful ways. I study it. Understand it. Meditate on the concepts. Translate it to modern times, and to my life, and to specific situations and circumstances that directly effect my livelihood.

I’ve learned to master my sinful passions so they no longer master me. I am the Captain of my destiny. God is with me, giving me extraordinary strength to obey His commands. As a result I see my curses decreasing and my blessings increasing.

You can too. Just incorporate biblical philosophy into your life.
Study and understand the practicle teachings of Jesus.
Do what the Bible says. Or as I like to say, ”Follow Gods commands.”

My life is my testimony…no abstract theories here…just the practicle, fundamental teachings of Christ, and real life tangible results.

I can do ALL things through Christ who strengthens me…and so can YOU!

Commit, obey, and exchange curses for blessings.


Steven Jennings



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