GOD: The Inner Voice

What is this ”Inner Voice” we’ve all heard?

Back in the day, it would tell me to, ”go smash him out” or some other bad thing. Was that God? The devil? What?

I’m thinking the Inner Voice is one dimention of several mentalities that exist within the mind. Because sometimes it’s bad, other times it’s good. The bad can be called the devil, the good can be called God.

The mentality that we feed becomes dominate.
For years I fed the bad mentalities, violence, drinking, drugs, etc.
As a result, I constantly heard ”the devil” as my Inner Voice.

Sure, God would speak too. But I was a fool…too ignorant to even know what that voice was. Completely lost and in total darkness.

Today I know what these voices are. I acknowledged the voice of God and nurture It with love and understanding as I study the teachings of Christ.

My faith and love for God has never been higher.
My experiences in life has lead me to this path.

It’s quite simple, when I live on my own, with no biblical guidance, I suffer.

But when I put faith into the scriptures, and live in accordance, I notice my life improves and I enjoy many blessings. They come from everywhere, in various forms.

I now acknowledged that my Inner Voice is that of God. It’s now practical, kind, just, and full of love. IT guides me in the right direction. Yes, this is God! This is the mentality I feed. Therefore, IT is dominate, and very real.

The highest mental practice is to listen to this all good Inner Voice and declare Its presence. I actually say out loud, ”I hear you God, and I will obey.” When Satan tries to jump in, God easily trumps him. Easily!

That’s why I unhooked my rental TV and turned it in. That thing was a sin box for real! Every 30 seconds I was repenting and asking for forgiveness. Idolatry, lust, fornication, temping Christ, it was all there, swarming like killer bees with no escape, except to get rid of the source.

I never thought I’d have the strength to get rid of my TV. Especially in prison, where getting lost in a movie or a good show is like a temporary escape. Now my temporary escape comes in the form of talking to God, reading, studying, and writing. My Inner Voice is God.

I strongly believe with all my heart that the greater my consciousness is of this Inner Voice, the better my life gets. Because this Inner Voice is the Mind of God expressing Itself through me.

Just a few years ago I did not believe in God (see: Please God, Are You Real?). Certain things didn’t make sense, the theories were too abstract. People look to an empty sky for answers. How abstract is that? They should be looking inside themselves and listening to that Inner Voice. That’s practical.

The only God I know is the God of my own Inner Life. I tried to get to know that God way up in the empty sky. Nothing was there for me. To assume that anyone can know a God outside of themselves, is to assume that they can know something  of which they are NOT conscious of. Impossible!

That’s why so many people suffer. If only people would realize that God is not external. He’s not up in Heaven. Heaven is a state of mind. God is Indwelling. He’s inside of us. He’s a mentality that needs to be fed and nurtured, with the teachings of Christ,  until It becomes THE most dominating force in your life!  That’s when God moves. And that’s when you know He’s real!

The Kingdom of Heaven is within! Not up in the sky.

The Spirit of God is always with us. We just need to acknowledge Its Presence and feed it with the Word of God. Read your Bible. Obey Gods commands, and let the teachings and philosophies of Jesus guide you.

If you do that, all the blessings and promises that are listed in the Bible, will manifest in your life.

My life is my testimony.

Written by Steven Jennings
Inspired by that Inner Voice



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