Real Love Letter #55



Hello my love, praise God!


Awwww, I just got the sweetest text from you.
I love you baby…mwah.


Our love book has been talking about infidelity. And although this isn’t an issue with us, I feel the sadness of the people who go through it. So pray for them. I also pray that we never experience such a sad state of affairs.


Baby, you have my heart and soul, body and mind. I belong to you and only you. I will forever remain faithful to you, my beautiful wife, my gift from our heavenly Father. Mwah…I love you dearly with everything I have, with all my strength and all my heart. I thank God for you, everyday. I honor you and cherish you. I respect you and appreciate you. I am forever yours babygirl. Mwah.


As you know we’re reading POWER OF POTENTIAL in our RMM class. Something really struck me in CH:7, called: THE WAY UP IS DOWN.


It says, ”We are qualified to lead only to the degree we are willing to serve. The more we serve the greater we become.” I immediately equated that to you and your blog. You are the leading authority in inmate blogging. You are a powerful leader. Why? Because of your willingness to serve over 600 people! Think about that for a minute. Your acts of service are incredible. You’re making a positive impact in this world which nobody can deny. Baby, YOU are the leading authority in Inmate Blogging.




Baby I’m so incredibly proud of you. I remember when we first met and how shy and timid you were. Now I see you as a powerful leader with hundreds of people under your leadership. People are recognizing your incredible service and effective leadership. I’m just one of those ppl. 🙂 🙂 🙂  Your awesome! Truly awesome!


This book goes on to say, ”One television network is greater than all the others because it serves a greater number of people. One motor company is greater than all the others because it serves more people.” The truth is evident: The more you serve, the greater you become. This applies to everything: serving the Lord, serving your spouse, children, friends, family, church, community, strangers, animals, the list goes on.


You are a powerful, outstanding woman and I am sooo in love with you baby. I thank God for you daily as I pray for us, our marriage, our love for each other, and our future. I find comfort in God and his promises. I have no doubts or worries. Everything will unfold as it should. All we have to do is obey God and He will provide for us and make all our plans succeed.


You are the most important thing in my life. Nothing or no one sits above you. You are my wife and I love you with all my heart. Mwah. I absolutely see myself growing old with you. We are on this journey together and forever. No one could ever love me like you love me, I see that. I appreciate and respect you so much.


Your Husband,




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