Do You Want Curses Or Blessings?

If your life is consumed by stress, conflict, turmoil, and one heart break after another…well then this is for you.

There is a remedy for every situation in your life.
No matter how big or how small, no matter how complexed or how simple.
There is a remedy and it’s not beyond your reach.

The answer is ”OBEDIENCE.”
All you have to do is obey Gods commands.
It really is that simple.

Let’s compare obedience to disobedience.

The Bible says that if you are disobedient then you will live a life full of turmoil, conflict, fighting, heartbreak, stress, confusion, madness…the list goes on and on. It’s all bad.

Can you relate to any of that?
Do you see any of those things in your life?

Take a quick second and read Deuteronomy 28:15.

Your life is a testimony to the above scripture.
You know first hand, the truth in it.

God clearly says to obey His commands or you will be cursed.

Your life is cursed due to your disobedience.
That’s the bad news.

THE GOOD NEWS is God also says that if you are OBEDIENT, and you obey all his commands, then you will be blessed, and your life will be full of peace, love, harmony, prosperity, and abundant happiness. Read Deuteronomy 28:1 and 2.

We know these scriptures are true. We see them at work in many lives.
We see the results of disobedience…just like we see the results of obedience.

So I leave you with this my dear friend…
The choice is yours. You have all the power. Choose obedience.
If you do, then your curses will be replaced with blessings.

Do you want curses or blessings?
The answer is in your actions.

Written by Steven Jennings
Inspired by God



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