Real Love Letter #54



Hello my sweet, gentle wife,


Mwah…I love you. With every beat of my heart. I confess my undying love for you with my words, through my prayers to God, by wearing my wedding ring, and here in this email. I shout it from the mountain tops…”I LOVE YOU SUZIE MARIE!”


Tonight is RMM, and I’m excited. Thank you for your Godly advise and positive encouragement. You truly are my Heavenly Angel, connecting me to the spirit of God as you lead by example.


You are an incredible wife and I am eternally grateful for all the love and grace you bestow upon me. Thank you baby for all your love, commitment, devotion, patience, guidance, wisdom, sacrifice, and positive energy. I’ve never been happier, or more at peace, or had a greater sense of comfort, than I do now. I attribute this high level of love and comfort to you and all your prayers, and to God for using you to sincerely touch my heart and draw me closer to Him.


I remember at our wedding, the minister said to put God first and everything else will workout. I really didn’t know exactly what that meant. It sounded cliché, like something all ministers say. But through trials and tribulations, I now completely understand the meaning behind his sound advise.


I thank God for you. That you stood by my side and endured as you patiently waited, and prayed for me to find my way back to you and God. That is a powerful testimony that you are a Godly woman, because most Worldly women would’ve been long gone. Not only did you stay, but you found the strength and courage to come to our efv last month.


Simply put, you are AMAZING! I recognize every aspect of your incredible strength, faith, spirit, and inner workings. From your sweet angelic voice, to your kind heart and gentle ways. You are one of a kind, so pure, and very unique to this world. And you’re mine…a gift from God.


I will forever treasure you, honor you, respect you, and lalalalove you. Mwah. Thank you for blessing my life with your precious, powerful, life-changing love. You’re simply the best.


In closing I’d like to dedicate this beautiful song  to my even more beautiful wife: ”Lady” by Kenny Rogers. Please take a few minutes, right now if you can, and listen to it as you close your eyes and vision us slow dancing on the hardwood floor of efv mobile unit #3. One day this vision will transition to the living room carpet of our loving home. I see it.


I love you dearly and tenderly, (as I shed a tear)


Your husband,


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