Common Sense Is Not So Common

Why not I wonder?
Is it because certain fundamental principles can only
form its basis, and have an impact, through frequent reference of actual application? And who’s going to govern that in ones life?

If one doesn’t have the ability to self soothe, then surly they
don’t have the ability to self govern. So how does one acquire
these skills?

First, they must have intrinsic motivation to seek
such knowledge. Without that, they will be at the mercy of the world
and blow where ever the wind takes them. In my case, that was prison.

Common sense is like ”maxims of universal law.”
It prevails throughout history.
It’s timeless because its so manifestly founded on reason,
necessity, logic, and Divine order.

When I encounter problems, failure, and internal conflict, I want to know
why. I want to understand what triggers these undesired emotions and behaviors, and how I can prevent them from reoccurring. I want to master the art of victory in regards to the battles that rage within.

Perhaps that’s why it’s 4 am, and I’m still awake
writing this. Prison life is full of drama, and no matter how hard I try to
avoid it, it always has its way of finding me.

I accept this as an unavoidable aspect of life.
It’s completely out of my control. However, with an extensive,
diverse knowledge of Universal Law and Common Sense,
and the wisdom to consistently apply these powers in a positive manner, I am able to successfully overcome issues with minimal negative effect.

As a matter of fact, the negative effects are predominantly
self inflicted. That’s where mind mastery and self soothing
come in…aka: Common Sense.

Understanding common sense is relatively easy.
Applying it in a sustainable, effective fashion is
truly an art form. It takes great mental fortitude and is a
never ending quest.

To further understand Universal Laws, Maxims, Principles, and just
Common Sense, I’m serving up some delicious food for thought.

Rather than speed read through them,
take them slow, meditate on them, figure out
their true and full meaning, make them yours
as you apply them to your days. If you do that,
you’ll enjoy a definite advantage in all your endeavors.

1) The frequency of an act effects your entire life.
2) Every action proceeds in its own way or course.
3) Not what is said, but what is done, is to be regarded.
4) Your motive gives a name to your act.
5) External acts indicate undisclosed thoughts.
6) A thing done cannot be undone.
7) There’s no surer way to find out what you meant,
than to see what you’ve done.
8) No one can contradict his own deed.
9) Things are in a wretched state when you lack common sense.
10) In obscure cases, we should look at what is most probable,
or what most commonly happens amongst the morally sound.

Here’s a fun one to figure out, make your brain
completely and fully understand, then apply a personal
scenario: 11) The cause of the cause is the cause of the effect.

12) Remove the cause and the effect will cease.
13) Things are construed according to that which was the cause.
14) When a cause has no effect as it is being done, be sure that it will have
much effect in some other way at some other time.
15) The part that does not agree with its whole should get
small or no consideration.
16) What is done without consideration or reflection, upon better
consideration we should revoke or undo.
17) All shall have the liberty to renounce those things which has been
established in their favor. (Think about that one for a minute.)
18) Nothing is more rewarding than to live in accordance
with the laws of God.
19) Long sufferance is construed as consent.
20) In the construction of words, not the mere words,
but the thing and the meaning, are to be inquired after.

I feel compelled to follow up on this post with several sequels
that would expand the above list, and give testimonials on each
and every one of them. Starting with #17. Stay tuned.


Steven Jennings


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