Real Man Ministry (week 11)

COURAGE lessons 5 and 6

That is the name of Lesson 5 in the “Courage” workbook,
and Chapter 3 in the actual book.

I’m not a fan of this title. But that’s okay, I’ll get over it, and
I’ll see if I can acquire some knowledge in which I can apply
to my life. Let’s go cherry picking…shall we?

Here’s the first sentence I like and will take with me,
”You make a success out of your life by going to your
strengths and not concentrating on your weaknesses.”
Can I get an AMEN!

Here’s another one,
”To be a success one must recognize his talents, gifts,
abilities, and then dedicate them to God so He can maximize
their potential.”

I’ll give you one more then call it a wrap.

”God quickens you. He makes you alive. He plants creative ideas in your mind. He creates desires in your heart – not worldly ones, but godly ones.
And then he fulfills His will by enabling you to realize those dreams.”

Marinate on that for awhile. Let it soak all the way in.
Try to fully understand it.

Okay, so now what?
You have two choices…ignore it or find a way to apply it.

I’ll apply it… thank you very much.
My life is my testimony. Great things are on the horizon.
I’m just getting started. Watch me now….



Steven Jennings


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