Positive Reinforcement For Dogs

Positive reinforcement is the most effective and humain way to
train a dog.

Why do we train dogs?
For the most part I’d say to eliminate undesired behaviors
and teach desired behaviors. By using positive reinforcement
techniques, the subjects actually acquire intrinsic motivation
to perform the desired behavior.

So why not take this concept and apply it to yourself?

That’s exactly what I’ve done.
Dog training has a lot of practicle applications that
aid in my rehabilitation efforts.

Everyday that I demonstrate desired behaviors, I get to reap
the sweet rewards of positive reinforcement. Doggy love!

It is a honor and privilege to share my cell with these animals.
As I write this, Roxy lays by my side with her paw on my chest
and her head by my shoulder, lightly snoring. This is my positive reinforcement for good behavior.

For ten weeks she stays by my side almost non stop
as I teach her basic commands and then some.
I love it. I get to spend my days doing something I love.

Roxy was abused. Someone use to hit her a lot.
It’s my job to rebuild her trust in addition to everything else.

This beautiful dog is coming along better than anyone
could’ve imagined. She hardly flinches anymore.
She listens and obeys consistently. And her out of control energy
is virtually non existent.

By the end of this session someone will be able to walk her through a grocery store and she’ll heel by their side with slack in the leash.

The progress she’s made is very inspiring.
And it’s all due to positive reinforcement.

To adopt goto:


Steven Jennings


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