Roxy Turns Yellow

Look at this gorgeous face. Absolutely beautiful with big brown eyes.
Good looking dog too.

Roxy just got promoted from red to yellow.
That means she can now hang out in the dayroom
and be petted by others.

I spent 3 hours taking her from table to table as I
let anyone who wanted to pet her do so.
I’m the only one who does this.
It’s good for the dog,
It’s good for the guys,
and it’s good for me.

It gives me an opportunity to interact with a diverse
crowd. I don’t discriminate. Everyone who wants it gets doggy love.

Roxy is doing awesome.
She heels perfectly by my side.
When I stop, she automatically sits.
She goes down and stays until released.
She’s crate and kinnle trained.
And she just farted as I write this!

She’s at the foot of my bed in between my feet.
Her neck is over my right foot, keeping it warm.
I wiggle my toes and she seems to like it…she’s not
re adjusting herself.

Roxy is a completely different dog from when she first got here.
As is most dogs we work with.

I often wish that the old owners who surrender their dogs, could see
them after they graduate this program. Would they want them back?
Would they regret giving them up?

Roxy is such a sweet, loving, fun dog. All she needed
was leadership and guidance. I’ve had her for 18 days
and her transformation is incredible.

She’s now snoring despite my wiggling toes under her neck.

After I conclude this I’m going to pull her up by my head
so we can cuddle and I can kiss her nose.

Dogs! Wow, what a blessing.

For info on how to adopt Roxy
or any other Freedom Tails dog,


Steven Jennings


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