Dog Eats Tampons

I just heard a costly story.
It almost cost the dog his life,
and it cost his owner $4300!

I share this with you to enhance awareness,
in hopes you can prevent similar misfortunes.

The dog went into the bathroom and
nuzzled open the cupboard door.

This is a behavior that the dog has never
exhibited. But it only takes one time.

The dog then ate a few tampons.
The tampons expanded in the dogs stomach.

After surgery, and several days in the
doggy hospital, the bill came to

Please do what it takes to doggy proof
your home. Don’t think that it can’t happen to you,
or that your dog would never do this or do that.

Learn from the mistakes of others
before they happen to you.

John 13:17


Steven Jennings


Author: Steven & Suzie Jennings

She was raised as a Mormon, and he is a convict serving 43 years in prison. This blog offers a glimpse into two vastly different worlds that somehow came crashing together. Join them on their journey through prison life & married life.

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