MAXIMIZED MANHOOD: lesson 7 and 8


The most powerful thing you can do in life is
to create an image. The next most powerful thing
you can do is to destroy an image.

For 30 years of my life I had an image of myself
that I created and had to live up to. I deemed myself as a
tuff guy. A fighter. Someone you didn’t want to mess with.

That image caused me unbelievable amounts of
pain and suffering. It robbed me of peace, love, and joy.
It brought me heartache, conflict, and self destruction
on a massive scale.

Today that image is totally destroyed!
And I’ve created a new image.

I am a man of peace, love, and understanding.
I stand for what is right and just.
I love God and I love my country.
I love people and I love all living things.
I love my wife and I love myself.
I love to love. I even love those who hate me.
This is the image I’ve created for myself,
this is the image I live up to everyday.

It’s time to wake up and acknowledged some very
basic facts. And that is:

Millions of people, including you and your children, have been
victimized by forces and images that are completely
within your control.

Do you have, or know someone who has a teen, or pre-teen,
who is out of control? Yet the parents can’t figure out WHY?
They provided well, taught them manners, and did all the things
a good parent does. Except one thing!

They inadvertently allowed that child to
create a mental image that leads to destruction.


By not controlling what goes into that
child’s brain during the formative years.

Music, TV, The internet, other kids,
they all contribute to the self image your
child creates.

Unbeknownst it to you,
YOU have the power to create a
positive self image within your child.
One that promotes peace, love, and prosperity
on every level.

I speak from experience. My life!
My parents tried with me.
But it was too late.
I live with thousands who are
in the same boat.

It’s so much easier and effective when you
control your child’s input when they are
infants and toddlers.

Don’t wait until they’re teenagers
and THEN try to take control!
Do it while they’re young and receptive.
Control the things that truly matter.

So is it too late for the teen with
an image that is truly detrimental?


It’s just going to take a massive effort
from the parents. An effort that most
parents aren’t willing to give.

But for those of you that are…
here’s your best hope for salvation:

It’s for women too.
Take the course and apply the teachings.
It’s just that simple.
If you do, your entire life will change for the better.

Amongst the many things you’ll learn
is how to effectively deal with the most
challenging issues that life has to offer.

Everything starts with YOU!

For more info, visit:

Check it out, you have nothing to lose and
everything to gain. If you try it, then deem it’s not for you,
your misery will be refunded in full.

A better life awaits us all.
Make it happen, Captain!


Steven Jennings


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