Mental Science (aka: God)

The only thing more ignorant than not being able to read,
is someone who can read but doesn’t.


Today I was reading THE SCIENCE OF MIND and I came across something
I want to share. It has to do with thought and improving relationships.
Improving yourself. Improving your environment. Improving your life.

Everything starts with a thought.
If your life isn’t going how you’d like it to go,
change your thinking.

Create a mental picture of how you’d like your life to be.
Fill in all the details of how you’d like to be, how you’d like to
treat others. Visualize harmonious relationship with everyone
you encounter.

Then accept that picture as present reality.
And if you truly do it, it’ll work!
Your life will be that mental image that
you created.

How people treat you, shows the path they’re on.
How you respond, shows the path you’re on.
Pick a path of righteousness and stay the course
no matter what comes your way. If you do, you’ll find
that more blessings come your way than anything else.

Conscious thought is necessary in order for true change to take place.
Train yourself to think properly and discover the incredible power
you actually have. You have the power to change your entire world
in any capacity you desire.

Trained thought is powerful.
The mental image of a successful life that you create in your mind,
will create success. Your inner image has no choice but to manifest
itself in your outer world. But you MUST hold to it with conviction!
Otherwise, your lazy, unfocused, untrained thoughts will create your life
for you. And you’ll find yourself in all types of undesired situations.

Please understand this knowledge I relay to you.

YOU create every situation in your life by the thoughts you hold.
Thoughts can only do one thing, and that is transmit itself into
a subjective embodiment. Thoughts are habitual. That’s why you see the same dilemmas over and over in life.

The remedy is simple: change your thinking!
Need help doing that?
Read the Bible!

2 Corinthians 5:17 and 10: 4-5

It’s time to harness the power of righteous
thought and direct it with focus and purpose.

Why not make success habitual?
On every level! Personal, relationship, business, co workers, bosses,
law enforcement, in-laws, parents, kids, mankind, EVERYTHING!

You have the powder to make success habitual.
And positive conscious thought is the starting point.
Create a new image. Commit to it. And watch it become your reality.

My life is my testimony.

May God bless you and may you
find the strength in Him.


Steven Jennings


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