Blaze & Steven

My work with Joker was a huge success.
I healed his wounds and renewed his Spirit.
He progressed better than anyone expected.
However, that’s not the case with Blaze.
Blaze is a 2 year old Heeler/Mix.
There is only 38 days left in this session
and Blaze is severely behind in his training.
There are no bad dogs…just bad trainers.
Such is the case with Blaze.
So the decision was made for me to pass Joker
on, and to pick up the slack where Blaze is concerned.
I gladly accept the challenge!
Joker now lives a few doors down,
so I still get to spend plenty of time with him,
but Blaze is now my primary focus.
Blaze is a high energy, playful boy.
I’ll be teaching him to sit while greeting people,
opposed to jumping on them. I’ll also teach him how to
properly walk on a leash, sit at doors, stay until called,
and all other basic commands:
He already knows some of these, but not like he should.
I have approximately 5 weeks to get him dialed in.
Piece of cake!
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Steven Jennings


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