Communicating With God

What does that even mean?
How do you do it? Does he talk back?

I know what most people would say. And their answer defies practical understanding. They think they’re talking to someone, or something outside of themselves.

Who are they talking to?

And who is God?
The creator.

What did he create?

Who created him?
I don’t know.

What will he do for you?
Anything I ask.

How do you know?
The Bible tells me.

In order for me to truly embrace something and apply it to my daily living, it must be practical. Grand theories or abstract principles simply don’t work for me. And they clearly don’t work for millions of others.

Let’s take the church for example, a great place for worship no doubt. But the truth is, there is no other environment where hypocrisy runs more ramped. Why is that?

It’s because people lack understanding as they live within the magical realms of religion. They talk to God as if he’s a separate entity. As if he’ll intervene and magically make things better.

Don’t get me wrong. I love Jesus! I love his practical teachings and precepts. I love the Bible. I benefit greatly by incorporating biblical principles into my life. But that’s just it…I DO IT…not some magical force that people call God.

When I communicate with God, I’m communicating with myself. Prayer is a way for me to constantly remain focused on the practical teachings of Jesus. By staying focused mentally, it manifests through my behavior. By staying focused mentally, I’m always prepared to handle any situation appropriately. Jesus sets the standard.

I believe in God and the power of God, but not in the same way as the Church. I need clear explanations of specific things. I need to thoroughly understand something in order to optimize whatever it has to offer.

That’s why I love psychology, philosophy, metaphysics, and yes, religion. As a whole, these things offer me great clarity. Over the past ten years my life has dramatically improved.

I haven’t been in a fight in over 8 years and I’ll never fight again throughout the rest of my life. Thank you Jesus! I can do all things through he who strengthens me. Jesus isn’t an outside force. Jesus is a philosophy that I live by. He physically does nothing for me. But by embracing his concepts, I am able to embark upon a righteous path.

I have a beautiful wife whom I love with all my heart and soul. Our marriage is absolutely wonderful! We have overcome our challenges and are now thriving in marital bliss. Everyday we grow closer and strengthen our incredibly strong bond. Thank you Jesus! Jesus didn’t give me my wife or create our harmony. But by following his practical instructions, the law of Cause and Effect has served me well.

I’m in the most cherished and privileged program that prison has to offer…The Dog Program! Thank you Jesus! Jesus didn’t get me in the program. I got myself in the program because I chose to live in accordance with the practical teachings of our mighty Lord Jesus Christ!

And most importantly of all, I treat my peers with dignity and respect. Even those who are difficult and don’t deserve it. Why? Because metaphysics teaches the Law of Attraction, Cause and Effect, You Reap What You Sow. If I respond negatively, then I will pay a price for that some how, some way.

I can’t dictate the actions of others. But I can dictate how I respond. Jesus sets the example, metaphysics issues the results. Prayer keeps me on point.


Steven Jennings


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  1. Steven, have you ever read Brennan Manning’s book, “The Ragamuffin Gospel”? I read it this past year and it lit up my faith in a way I’d never experienced before. If you like, I’d be happy to send you a copy. Many blessings–may you experience God reaching out to you as you reach out to him.

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