Rebuilding Bridges With The Power of Love

For a while there, my wife and I were at odds with each other. As a result, our blogging stopped.

I take full responsibility for all that. I had my priorities all mixed up. I was more focused on being a millionaire than I was on our own marriage.

I allowed Suzie’s emotional ”love cup” to run dry. As she cried out for help, I ignored her cries and piled more work on her. There were many times when I wasn’t kind or understanding. I saw things from my perspective only!

I went back and read one of my previous posts titled:  The Bad Husband. And that’s when I got a glimpse of myself and how I’d been treating my wife, the woman I love. I felt ashamed. I was being the EXACT type of guy that I said I’d never be!

After much prayer and meditation, the answer came to me. And it was quite simple. I need to constantly and consistently live in the SPIRIT OF LOVE. No matter what!

Suzie and I once shared an incredible loving bond. It was the best thing I’ve ever felt. And I’m determined to get that back and make it stronger than ever.

Steven Jennings



  1. Heart touching and beautiful, your message of love, forgiveness and hope has the power of re-building any broken bridge. Your love story brought tears in my eyes and made me reflect, but, beyond this, reminded me that true love can move mountains! Never give up, you’re in my thoughts and prayers!
    Many blessings,

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