Love Letter #45


My Dearest Suzie,


Thank you for all the warm feelings you bring my way. I love each and every letter I get from you. I love your beautiful spirit. I love your mind and personality. I love this journey we’re on. I love how you keep me looking forward to another day. I love it when you say that you’ll do anything and everything for me. I love the way you love me. I love how the best is yet to come.


As I grow to love you more and more, my visions of the future changes. All my visions revolve around you and the family we’ll create together. When most families are falling apart and when parents are divorcing, ours will be rejoicing and uniting. Our love will always have the enthusiasm of newlyweds. I’m not the type of man who will ever take you for granted as the years roll on. I will love you dearly one day at a time, for life.


Thank you for loving me so gently and sweetly.


Forever Yours,


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