Love Letter #39


Good Morning My Beautiful Suzie,


You are my one and only fantasy. I never dreamed that I could love someone as much as I love you. My heart beats for you darling.


Thank you for the sweet gift of love. Your amazing ”life enhancing” love has enabled me to feel powerful emotions that can only be generated by the romantic notion of love. And let me tell you my sweet little cupcake, it’s the best feeling in the world. I absolutely LOVE loving you!


Last night I went out to the frozen snow covered yard as snow fell from the cold sky. I looked beyond my boundaries, above all the razor wire, at hundreds of snow covered trees that sit over ye yonder way up on the hills. I don’t ever remember them being this beautiful. My love for them was somehow significantly enhanced. But why? Why now? I’ve seen these trees thousands of times.


The answer is simple. Your incredibly powerful love has enhanced my life and transformed my heart. I see everything from a different lens. A lens of love and beauty. Life has new meaning to me. You, and your love, have opened up a whole new dimension in my life. And I’m taking it all in. Every single bit of it. I am completely open to you. Your soul has entered my soul and I feel you no matter where I go or what I do. I’m constantly loving you baby. You affect and have impact on everything in my life.


That’s why on this cold night out in the yard, I stayed nice and cozy with warm thoughts of my lady. I can’t wait to look deep into your exotic green eyes as I make sweet passionate love to your mind, body, and soul. We’re going to have an unworldly threesome. You, me, and the ultimate enhancer: The Spirit of Love.


Thank you, my darling, for bringing your sweet love into my heart, and into my daily life. You are my ultimate treasure and my most cherished gift. I will forever honor you and cherish you as I continue to treat you with nothing but love, understanding, and the utmost respect. You are my everything.




Your husband,
Steven Dale


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