Dogs Help Children Develop Strong Immune Systems


Did you know that children who live with dogs are more likely to be healthier than those who don’t. Children with dogs get more exercise than children who live without dogs? They also spend more time laughing and being happy.

But wait, it gets better!

According to numerous studies, children with dogs in the home had fewer infectious respiratory problems, fewer ear infections, and were less likely to require antibiotics. As the children grew, they developed better immune systems throughout their childhoods.

Researchers also found that the effect was greater if the dog spent less than six hours in the house. The theory is : the longer dogs are outside, the more dirt and bacteria they bring inside. This creates ”bacterial diversity”.

Bacterial diversity helps the child’s immune system to mature faster and effectively fight off infectious agents. Researchers also claim that living with dogs may prevent children from developing asthma. Who knows if this stuff is actually true? But it kinda makes sense. Head researcher Dr. Susan Lynch says:

“Exposing the gastrointestinal track to pet dust and other microbes early in life prepares it to respond appropriately to a variety of invaders.”

Think about it…if you protect your child in an immaculate house that’s free of germs and bacteria, then one day expose your child to the outside world, and he/she gets super sick…that’s your fault!!! Especially now that you are armed with this knowledge. And since you read this from the internet, you know it’s true.

Peep this fact: “Early childhood is a critical period for developing protection against allergies and asthma.”

So all you new mothers and mothers-to-be, I strongly suggest you expose your babies to filthy bacteria ridden dogs.

Adopt a dog, and raise a healthy child.

Your welcome,


Dogs Can Make Children Healthier



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