The group session stared at 8am. I strolled in at 9. I was a hour late because G Unit was getting shook down. (I live in H-3. Not too long ago the SWAT team hit my unit. For more on the H-3 raid, please read The 6 AM Shakedown.)

The prison SWAT team raided G Unit unit at 5:30am. G Unit has two Freedom Tails dogs over there. So as all the inmates were herded into the gym, the dogs were put into their kennels.

I was asked to please go get the G Unit dogs and bring them to my unit (H-3) until the shake down was over. I did. By doing so, the dogs got to go potty, get exercise, eat, play, and get affection. Opposed to 8 hours locked in a kennel.

This is Bruiser. He spent the day with H-3 dog handlers while G Unit was under siege. steven (1)

As I strolled in a hour late, the Captain of the group welcomed me, then asked why was I late? I explained the situation. Everyone was understanding.

I then joined the conversation regarding the first 6 chapters of SEEDFOLK. Everyone seemed to be focused on the conflicts; explaining why they thought all the problems were occurring.

As the Reflector, I took notes on Focus, and on Direction. Then I raised my hand and addressed the group.

I said, “As your nominated Reflector its my job to keep track of the group’s process. Part of the process is for the Reflector to make comments regarding : focus, direction, organization, listening skills, and participation. At this time I’d like to address “Direction”.

As I spoke, I looked around the room and made eye contact with all those who were looking at me. It was about 80%. I felt confident and comfortable.

I continued, “I’ve been listening to everyone talk about the problems and why you think those problems exist. But now I’d like to propose a shift in direction. Can we talk about how these problems could’ve been prevented?”

The group took to it and the shift was on! I was surprised at how many people said that there was NO WAY to avoid the conflicts.

And to some degree, they’re right. Whenever you have a large diverse group of people, conflict is inevitable.

So for me, it boils down to how you deal with conflict and how will you let it affect you?

At the conclusion of class, we got some homework.

#1) Finish the book.
#2) Select one of the following writing activities:

A) Pair up with another person and write a script between two characters. Show what kind of conversation they might have.
B) Pick one character and write their extended and detailed biography.
C) Keep a journal and respond to each character as yourself.
D) Write a letter as yourself to one of the characters. Make it personal and meaningful.
E) Create sociological newspaper article on the conditions of living in Cleveland during the time of this book.
F) Write a poem about one of the characters.

At first I was going to do F and write a poem.

But I want to be efficient with my time and effort. I want to do something that will have real tangible effects on my life and goals.

That’s why I chose D. To write a letter to one of the characters. The character I’m writing to is Sam.

That letter will be my next post.

Have a nice day.



Steven Jennings


Author: Steven & Suzie Jennings

She was raised as a Mormon, and he is a convict serving 43 years in prison. This blog offers a glimpse into two vastly different worlds that somehow came crashing together. Join them on their journey through prison life & married life.

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